Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Weekly Resource RoundUp

weekly resource roundup logoIf you accept Paypal payments from clients for your freelance writing, you may be getting a little less than expected from now on. While personal accounts used to be able to receive money for free, Paypal has now added fees for certain transfers. Check out Paypal Doubles Fees, Forgets to Tell Customers for more details. This move may mean less money in your pocket now, but keep in mind that payment processing fees can be deducted as business expenses on taxes.

Freelance Apple offers 17 tips and tricks for new freelancers. Check it out to make sure you're doing everything you can to get your freelance writing business off the ground.

If you plan for your blog to be a source of income and want to be sure it gets off to a good start, there is a blog post on Just Make Money Online to help you out. The post is called how to make money from blogs in the first 6 months and gives you a month by month breakdown of what you need to do.

Daily Writing Tips gives us the top 5 freelance mistakes to avoid.

Last, but certainly not least, Deb Ng of Freelance Writing Jobs offers a little advice for finding work between jobs.


Kristine said...

Again some awesome resources. The PayPal thing really annoys me, because at most writing gigs you have no choice but to get paid by PayPal.

DC Femella said...

I heard about them doubling their fees. That is insane!

Dee said...

It bugs me too. Most sites only pay through Paypal. There are a few that offer checks, but then you're stuck waiting for it to get delivered and praying it doesn't get lost or stolen along the way.

I'd like to see more payment options. Direct deposit would be great. Then I wouldn't have to wait so long to get my money. Right now, it takes a day or two after payment is made by the writing site before it shows in my Paypal account. Then I transfer it to my bank and it takes another 3 or 4 days to show up there.

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