Thursday, April 23, 2009

Freelancing Blogs I Like

I'm the type of person who will research something for weeks before diving in. My decision to give freelance writing a try is no different. Through my research, I've came across several great blogs about freelancing.

The Freelance Home Writer is one of my favorite blogs when I'm deciding what other sites I want to try writing for. The blogger, Willow Sidhe, gives tips on writing for money and points out the various websites that you can write for. I like the fact that she links to comments on forums and blogs about the sites she's not personally familiar with them.

Freelance Parent is a great blog that combines information on freelancing with balancing family and work. Since that is something I hope to do, it's a good source of information for me.

I love the style of Men with Pens. It's a great combo of helpful information, humor and sometimes a little sarcasm.

Angela Booth has a little bit of everything on her writing blog. I like that she has tips on writing as well as tips on running the business side.

Write to Done has a ton of tips for writers. They have plenty of guest bloggers as well so you get a variety of viewpoints.

Get Paid to Write Online is another blog I like. You can find great information on everything from writing blogs to tools.

*Photo by Emre Nacigil


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